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Welcome to Voicescript, offering professional, cost effective transcription services

Voicescript have been providing transcription services in the Bristol area since 1997. The introduction of digital transcription has enabled us to establish business partnerships with clients all over the UK, and we now offer our services to English-speaking overseas businesses.

Our fast, friendly service has been embraced by our clients, making us the first choice digital transcription supplier for many diverse business sectors, including market research, media production companies, IFA’s, banking institutions and business consultants, to name just a few.

Quotation Request

We will be delighted to offer a timely, no obligation quotation either online or call us on 01275 791184.

Recording Guidelines

We offer clear, straightforward advice on the best ways to achieve a clear digital recordings whatever your event or setting.


All transcription work is undertaken in the strictest confidence and is subject to our in-house confidentiality agreement.

Secure File Transfer

All file transfers are subject to SSL or TLS protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption both in transit and at rest on the server.


We provide a comprehensive response to the most commonly asked questions but will happily discuss any matter not covered.


We are delighted to provide a selection of comments from our long-standing and varied client base for your information.

Transcription Services

Conference Transcription

Our experienced team of UK transcriptionists provide accurate, quality transcripts of all your corporate events.

Student Transcription

We are delighted to assist students with their digital transcription needs at  university rate discount.

Interview Transcription

Voicescript provides an affordable solution for all your interview and focus groups transcription requirements.

Survey Transcription

Our team of professional transcriptionists can produce high quality reports from your digital recordings.

Focus Group Transcription

Voicescript provides an affordable solution for all your interview and focus groups transcription requirements.

University Transcription

We have many years of experience of working in partnership with University Departments.

Market Research Interviews

Our professional transcriptionists offer accurate, quality transcripts for all your recorded market research investigations.

Other Transcription Services

Whatever your digital transcription needs, we are confident that we can offer a timely, affordable solution.

What our Customers Say

Why Choose Us?

Voicescript prides itself on the quality of our transcription and our work is produced to the highest standards, which includes a two-stage proofreading process to ensure maximum accuracy. We ensure that whilst speedy turnarounds are often necessary, quality is not compromised – something always appreciated by our long-standing client base.

We believe in offering a premium service at an affordable rate. Unlike many UK digital transcription suppliers, we do not outsource any transcription work overseas, where there may be little or no understanding of the subject matter involved, possibly resulting in inaccurate or distorted transcripts.

Voicescript are dedicated to providing professional, cost effective services, utilising the latest technological advances to provide ease of use and cost efficiency for our clients. All our transcriptionists are experienced UK professionals, with a minimum typing speed of 70 wpm.

Project management of large assignments is provided as standard, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business whilst we undertake all necessary administration relating to the timely completion of the project. Once you have entrusted your project to us we will, where necessary, convert audio files to a compatible transcription format, appoint experienced transcriptionists with relevant experience to undertake your work, and ensure that all work is completed in a timely fashion in accordance with your requirements.

Our transcription team is comprised of experienced UK secretaries and PA’s, each with experience of particular market sectors. With a minimum typing speed of 70 wpm and working within our strict confidentiality procedures, they provide you with access to your own specialist resource.

Whatever your digital transcription needs, we are confident that we can offer a timely, affordable solution. Our transcriptionists have English as their first language and are able to accurately interpret the subtle nuances often present in recordings. We can deal with challenging accents, both here in the UK and with overseas speakers (although translation is not provided if speakers revert to their mother tongue), and we will carry out research of sector specific terminology where needed to ensure correct abbreviations and references are used.

Our transparent rating structure ensures that each client will have an exact cost for their needs prior to commencement of work. We use a rate per recorded audio minute, and any additional costs will be specified in the written quotation you will receive following submission of a Quotation Request.

We understand that each client may have different priorities within their project. Where a fast turnaround is vital, once deadlines have been agreed, we are able to deliver on time and to budget. Other clients may have large volume projects which are subject to tight budget constraints and we are able to discuss turnaround requirements and where necessary adjust our rating to reflect a lengthier completion timeframe.

Our client base includes the following organisations:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Business Consultants
  • Disciplinary Committees
  • Environmental Consultants
  • The Home Office
  • Independent Financial Advisers
  • The International Wine & Food Society
  • Journalists
  • Management Consultants
  • Market Research Companies
  • Media Production Companies
  • Medical Society
  • Private Investigator / Customs Training Agent
  • Recruitment Company
  • Structural Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Universities