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Current Status: We are not currently seeking to expand our team of freelance transcriptionists.

Please check back at a later date to see if we are recruiting freelance team members. If you are able to meet all the points set out below, please complete our application process.

Voicescript operate using a team of highly trained and experienced freelance UK-based transcriptionists.

In order to apply to join our team, you must:

  • are UK-based and hold professional typing qualifications,

  • have a minimum of two years professional transcription experience, which includes both interview and focus group work,

  • have at least 4 hours availability each weekday, Monday to Friday.

  • interpret and work in accordance with instructions provided for each assignment,

  • have an excellent grasp of English grammar,

  • be a conscientious, reliable worker, with an eye for detail.

  • be able to accurately proofread your own work,

  • have a minimum typing speed of 70 wpm as confirmed by taking the typing test below,

  • must have professional transcription software installed and be fully conversant with its use. It is also a requirement that you have a working foot pedal compatible with your transcription system, and suitable ear-cupping headphones. We recommend Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro but other models will be considered.

  • have an up-to-date PC, operating Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and MS Office 2007 or later

  • have broadband access.

We regret that we are unable to consider your application if:

  • you do not have experience of interview and focus group transcription,

  • are only available evening and weekends,

  • do not have a broadband internet connection.

  • you are an overseas applicant,

  • you are an overseas applicant,

  • have no professional transcription experience, or

Please note that we do not accept any telephone applications, or any submissions not supported by the typing test below. Unsupported applications will not be replied to.

To register your details then please follow these two steps.

1. Click on the link button below to access our typing speed test facility. This comprises a one minute copy typing test. We require a minimum speed of 70 wpm. We will receive the results automatically, you need not advise us.  This is currently disabled as we are not seeking to recruit at this time.

2. If you have scored over 70 wpm, click here to complete our online registration form. Unfortunately if you did not score at least 70 wpm then we are unable to progress your enquiry.