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How To Engage Voicescript

If you wish to engage Voicescript, please choose from the following options:

New Clients

  1. Complete a Quotation Request form or call us on 01275 791184.
  2. Please complete and sign the Booking Form sent with the quotation. Please ensure that any necessary purchase order numbers are supplied at this time.
  3. If a deposit is requested in the quotation, please call this office on 01275 791184 and provide card details for settlement. No charges apply for UK debit cards, however credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) are subject to a 3.2% processing fee. We do not accept American Express payments.
  4. Upon receipt of the signed Booking Form we will provide a log-in facility to enable access to your personal work folder on our secure server.
  5. Audio files may then be uploaded (limit per file 10gb). Transcripts will be returned to this folder for client download. The client will be notified when completed transcripts are accessible.

Existing Clients

  1. Please request a written quotation and complete a new Booking Form for this project.
  2. Once a signed Booking Form has been received by Voicescript (please ensure that any necessary purchase order numbers are supplied at this time) you are welcome to upload your audio files to the site. We will create a new project folder into which you can place your audio.
  3. Please note that your work folder is not a long term storage medium. Please ensure that transcript files are downloaded within 30 days of completion as they will be deleted from the site after this time.

What File Formats Can I Send?

We can transcribe from practically any digital audio format, including DSS, DS2, WMA, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV, as well as removable storage options such as DVD, memory sticks or flash drives.

Please note that files recorded in WAV format are not in a compressed form and therefore the amount of time taken to upload this audio can often be significant and is dependent on the speed of your broadband connection. We recommend that any WAV files are converted to a more compressed format before upload to our site using file conversion software. There are many free conversion options available, such as Switch Sound File Converter –

We regret that we do not accept any audio recordings on cassettes or mini discs. Neither are we able to accept recordings for transcription directly from mobile phones or Dictaphone devices that have no download facility.

Smartphones now have the capability to produce good quality recordings for small group discussions and there are now a host of apps available from both the App Store and Google Play which can effectively turn your device into a fully functioning Dictaphone. These apps offer you the ability to edit and insert speech into your recordings, offering full functionality for the user. The audio files can then either be sent via the app to your dictation supplier whilst on the go (dependent on the app purchased) or downloaded to your PC and sent via our normal secure upload facility. Olympus offer a fully functional app for both android and iPhone handsets, details of which can be found at: